The scam known as knife blocks

If you walk into any department store you may see a knife block for sale.

Ladies and gentlemen, these knife blocks are a scam.  They often come with many knives you probably won’t ever use.  In reality, you only need 3 essential knives.

Chef Knife

A chef knife is your workhouse knife.  It is used to chop, dice, cut heavy vegetables, or meats.  A knife I like is the 8″ Victorinox or 10″ Victorinox knife.

All you need to do for maintenance is make sure you bring it to be professionally sharpened, and to do some knife honing.

Pairing Knife


Pairing knives are smaller knives used for more delicate jobs.  Cutting fruits and small vegetables are good uses for it.  I would recommend the 4″ Victorinox Pairing Knife.

Bread Knife
Bread knives are special with the serrated edge.  If you used a chef knife to cut bread, you will crush the bread.  With the serrated edge, it catches the bread to cut it smoothly.  Also you can use it to cut other fragile fruits like tomatoes.

As you get more advanced you can buy other knives such as a Santouku knife, boning knife, or a cleaver.  But with these 3 knives you will be able to cook about 95% of the recipes out there.

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